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Posted: Monday, March 20, 2023

Thursday Nights at the Bandstand

End of a Great Run


Community volunteer organized and produced Unionville Presents Thursday Nights at the Bandstand, established in 2009 bringing free live music to our Unionville Village Millennium Bandstand, gathering enjoyment for our community residents, visitors and others and pedestrian traffic to our historic village restaurants and shops has had its day.

We have had a great run!!!!  Over 150 live performances by our wonderful talented performing artists enjoyed by our enthusiastic dedicated audiences supported by our many loyal sponsors.

Unfortunately, the success of the program has collided with safety requirements at our unique venue on Main Street, Unionville. As cool and intimate as the venue is, the required costs of street closing safety and security added to the cost of putting on the show each week has caused the program to be uneconomically feasible to continue to be produced solely by the Thursday Nights at the Bandstand funded by its sponsors.

To produce 4 special events in the summer of 2022 as we emerged from COVID was a huge boost to our community and Thursday Nights will be forever grateful for the City’s support to cover the street closing safety and security costs require.

Ironically, success at our unique venue ultimately resulted in an end to Thursday Nights at the Bandstand. We just got too big and popular!!!!

Artists, sponsors and fans, thank you!!!! It has been a blast!!

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